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When in a middle of a project when the requirements change. Your team is no longer able to complete its assignments. This is the time to bring on a consultant; a consultant can work for just a few weeks or months, or join your team for an extended period of time  to help you complete the task.

This is our "resource agreement" plan. We send a consultant to your team who will work under your management. The consultant works as one of your own permanent employees, but his contract has a set expiration.


Our generalists are experienced developers who focus on hardware, embedded software, FPGA/ASIC, RF, etc. These consultants bring with them a broad range of knowledge.


Specialists focus on a specific technical field. Some pertinent examples would be battery or switch-mode experts. Another specialist might know about FDA approvals for medical development.

Our network is extensive and we have consultants from diverse backgrounds. Through our partnerships in neighboring countries we can secure several options for you based on your specific needs in just a few days. Axcon has consultants and customers throughout Denmark, Denmark's neighboring countries, and abroad.


Her er Axcon også!
Axcon's consultants and customers are spread aound the country
- and the neighboring countries.

Our solutions-oriented approach

If your focus is not team management, consider our project agreements. Use our solution-oriented approach to outsource a portion (or all) of a project to us; we'll complete the project and return a fully functional finished product. Read more about our project agreements.


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Happy Customers

"Axcon assisted us in a professional and efficient way by solving SI problems related to our high-speed digital design. We were able to benefit from their experience and valuable resources. Working with Axcon was a clear advantage; we were able to avoid building an equivalent knowledge base and avoid purchasing expensive simulation tools."

Hartvig Ekner,