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About Axcon

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Axcon is an independent, privately owned development house located in Denmark. We focus on advanced electronics and embedded software - in simple terms, we work with electronics and the software that runs inside of electronic devices. Our areas of expertise range all the way from hearing aids to wind mills to ultrasound scanners.

We have four main revenue streams:

  • On-site consulting. Our consultants work onsite for our clients to assist in various tasks.
  • Outsourced development. We take over a project for the client and return the full development package and working products ready for production.
  • Technical courses for developers, engineers, and project managers.
  • Modules for rapid prototyping. These modules are produced by English Sundance Multiprocessor Technologies.

The Customers

Our customers range from large, multinational corporations to small, enterprising startups. Most of our customers are Danish companies with a focus in electronics development or require electronics development for their products. We have contracts throughout Denmark as well as in neighboring countries and abroad. We have worked for companies in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Austria, the USA, and we have even sent consultants to work abroad as far away as Korea.


Axcon does not focus on developing our own products; rather, we focus on development contracts with regional and international corporations to create advanced solutions. Through a distribution agreement, we supply a range of advanced modules with FPGA, DSP, AD/DA technology. These modules are well-suited for rapid prototyping and small production series.

Additional products provided include specific IP cores, software, and development systems.


Axcon was founded in 2004. We currently employ 15-20 predominatly engineers and we have partnerships with a large network of freelancers. Our employees work with our customers throughout Denmark as well as Denmark's neighboring countries.

In 2009 Axcon was awarded the Danish "Gazelle Award" for exceeding 100% growth over a 5 year period.


Axcon is owned by Anders Enggaard (who also is one of the founders of the company), an engineer with extensive backgrounds in electronics development and chip development. His expertise is focused in the Danish and American industries.

Axcon is 100% self-financed and run without external ownership shares. Axcon is a private limited company.

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