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Why should you work together with Axcon?

  • Focus on your strengths. Concentrate on your core competencies and leave the rest to us.
  • Save time. If you're working with a deadline, we'll help you meet it.
  • Sometimes work ebbs and flows. During your busy season, hire consultants to help meet increased demands.
  • Take our classes. When you begin using new technologies, our classes can help you master the skills you need.
  • Bring a fresh perspective to your projects. We offer feedback and critiques for various projects.
  • Our consultants come from a variety of backgrounds. We can help you with all components of a project, from development, to production, to testing, to efficient management and planning.

Skills and Resources

The most productive development teams make use of their skills and resources to get results again and again. In such a dynamic and innovative industry, it is important to adapt to the ever-changing nature of new products and technologies. Many successful teams do this by employing a combination of consultants as well as permanent staff.

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Happy Customers

"Here at Oticon, we have chosen to benefit from Axcon’s consultancy services numerous times. In every collaboration the task has been solved efficiently and professionally. Through our consulting agreements with Axcon, we have experienced great flexibility and accommodations to all of our needs."

Søren Riis,
Oticon A/S.