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What does SI Service Include?

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Axcon offers signal integrity service on many different levels. Basically, this includes support of and throughout the entire process, from concept and architecture to the following testing and verification steps. A typical process involves both the circuit designer and the layout person, to varying extends. The process can for instance involve the following issues:

  • Choice of connection technologies during system design.
  • Analysis of package types in relation to choice of components.
  • Collect and control of necessary IBIS/Spice models for simulation.
  • Choice of PCB stack-up.
  • Identification of interfaces and definition of net classes.
  • SI analysis (simulation) of net classes for all interfaces.
  • Formulation of routing rules for all net classes (layers, lap width/impedance, distance in class, distance to other classes, via-restrictions, length restrictions etc.)
  • Transfer of schematic, net list and routing rules for the layout system.
  • Assistance with and follow-up on layout with auto-routing run by rules.
  • Adjustment of routing rules for optimum utilization of resources and auto-router.
  • Control of finished layout in relation to routing rules prior to PCB production.



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