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Quality is as important for development as it is for production. Our strengths are:

  • Review & Critique
    A great way to save time and money is to seek outside review throughout the project. Often all that is needed to spot simple errors is a fresh perspective from an outside source.
  • Signal Integrity
    We offer extensive service and analysis for SI and proper PCB structuring. Read more about our SI Service options.
  • Timing Analysis
    Timing analysis is a key component of any design process. In particular, quality timing analysis is essential for FPGA design.
  • Verification
    Rigorous testing and verification is necessary to evaluate the success of any project. We test against the original specifications as well as assumptions that have been incorporated during the design process. We have the experience to identify and assess assumptions and specifications for development projects.
  • Certification & Approval
    We know how to get your project to market quickly and efficiently. We can give you the information you need to complete the proper documentation for your product, whether you need approval from the FCC, FDA, UL, CE, etc... We have extensive experience in all aspects of various certification and approval assessments.


Quality can't be achieved through testing
- you must design quality into the product.
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