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Types of Projects

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  • Hardware at the board level
    We work with CPU systems, DSP, RF, display, power, etc... Our products come to fruition quickly because we take the time to plan properly.
    We develop FPGA/ASIC for all products. We conform to recognized standards to make maintenance effortless and facilitate any future changes.
  • Embedded software
    Without OS or with eCos, uCLinux, etc. We have experience with a great variety of embedded software systems.
  • Application software
    We develop software that is appealing to both the end user as well as those that work on creating the application for the software. The end consumers' experiences will keep them content.
  • Test systems for production
    We have experience with extensive testing methods and procedures. We know how to optimize and minimize testing time efficiently.
  • Signal integrity
    We ensure that circuits are functioning properly and will continue to do so. Our SI Service program is essentially additional analysis to reduce board spins and improve quality.
  • Cost reduction or end-of-life solution
    We figure out the best way to optimize and redesign older technology and software. We make sure that the solution will be easy to integrate and cost effective.


  • Turnkey
    A turnkey project is one that we develop completely. We'll turn it over to you in a ready-to-use condition. This is one of our project agreements.
  • Sub-project
    If you have a large-scale project with many different features, you can turn over one of the sections to us. This way you can devote your time and energy where it's most needed. This is also considered a project agreement.
  • Review & critique. When you need a fresh perspective on a project, contact us. We are happy to review, critique, and analyze programs that are already underway as well as those that are still in the planning phases.
  • Support & service. Need guidance or experienced supervision for a new venture? We can provide support and service for development projects that extend past the limits of your expertise.
  • Supplementary training. We also offer courses in various subjects. Contact us for more information.

Project Options

One size does not fit all - each and every project is unique, so we take the time to determine exactly what it will take to reach your goals. We're happy to help you identify the requirements of your project.

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Happy Customers

"Axcon assisted us in a professional and efficient way by solving SI problems related to our high-speed digital design. We were able to benefit from their experience and valuable resources. Working with Axcon was a clear advantage; we were able to avoid building an equivalent knowledge base and avoid purchasing expensive simulation tools."

Hartvig Ekner,