Altera PCIe


PCI Express x1 IP core for Altera FPGA (and other vendors!)

We offer clean VHDL source for a x1 Altera PCIe (PCI Express) core to fit Cyclone, Arria and Stratix as well as all other vendors FPGA's - at a price you can afford.

The IP core has been designed to be copmpact and efficient for x1 (single lane), high bandwidth and low latency use in embedded systems. We stripped away complexity that wasn't strictly needed, so you get a core that is very simple to work with.

Good applications for this PCIe core

Where this core is not a good fit

A PCIe core small enough to fit Altera Cyclone

The core is designed from the gound up to be simple, small and fast. So it fits even the smaller family of FPGA's from all vendors, including the Altera Cyclone II. This is how we did it:
The core leaves lots of room for aditional functionality even in Cyclone or Spartan.

We supply the core in source format

Closed source IP is not ideal. It's impossible to debug. You must rely on the supplier for all changes/updates/support. The code quality is unknown and can't be inspected.

More information in the product section: PCIe FPGA Core